Our Church History

The Mount Tabor Baptist Church was founded in the early months of 1959, while plans to move Bishop College were being completed,and the development of the New Highland Hills Community was in progress. Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the Reverend Floyd D. Harris visualized the need for a place of worship of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, in a young but growing community. In his effort to make this dream a reality, he began to canvassing the neighborhood, knocking on doors of new homeowners, discussing with them his dream of a church in the community. After some favorable response 66 persons met with Reverend Harris in a worship service. At that time 19 members joined the church, thus with Mt. Tabor Baptist Church was organized on May 3, 1959.  During the first year, the membership grew and the record shows: as of December, 1959 a total of 91 members had united with the church and had raised a total of $1,390.00.
            Pastor Harris led the congregation into a building program and began a search for a location of the church. After a careful study, much prayer and faith in God, the pastor and members were able to purchase 3 1/2 acres of land at a site on the corner of Simpson Stuart Road and Highland Hills Drive. Having made remarkable progress in so little time, the members continued through prayer and sacrifice, raising funds, reviewing plans and seeking financial assistance for a new building. With answered prayers the members of the Mt. Tabor Baptist Church in June 1962, realized the fruit of their efforts. For many years the Lord blessed our church and the ministry of Pastor Harris. By 1979, the church had grown to 1306 members. Our total financial contribution for that year alone was $186,095.39. By 1985, the church moved into a new sanctuary, equipped to seat 975 members and the church membership flourished to well over 2,000 members. On August 21, 1987, the Lord saw fit to call our beloved founder to his heavenly rest. He was succeeded by the Reverend Stephen C. Nash on October 13, 1988.             Since his arrival,Pastor Nash has developed multi-staffing in personnel.  He appointed the first Assistant, Youth Minister, Drug Ministry Minister and a Bus Ministry Minster.  He also added an Administrative staff of Church Secretary, Church Clerk and Pastor’s secretary.  The Music Department Staff that was created consisted of a Minister of Music, Organist, Drummer, Bassist and Director.  Other staff members were also added.             In August, 1994, our church purchased 26 acres of land and refinanced the existing sanctuary.  That debt was paid off in May 1997, as we celebrated a “Note Burning Ceremony”.  For fourteen years, we have had a weekly radio ministry on KGGR/1040 am, Monday-Friday from 1:00 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. and have added 26 ministries to the church’s program.  We are pursuing the construction of affordable housing on 19 of the 26 acres purchased through our real estate arm, Tabor Holding Company.  Construction of our Family Life Center  and office wing was completed in September 2002. The old sanctuary was converted to 18 classrooms and storage space in late 2003.   In 2004, our education wing was dedicated and named for our founder and wife, Rev. Floyd D. & C.M. Harris Education Center.  In March 2005, the name of the church and pastor’s name was attached to the front of the building in bold white letters.              We thank God for the late Rev. Floyd D. Harris, our founder, and for Dr. Stephen C. Nash, as we continue to strive toward the vision that He has for us.

Mission Statement

The Mt. Tabor Baptist Church is a pastor led church, made up of Baptized Believers in Jesus Christ the Lord, convening
together to fulfill the Great Commission as spoken by our Lord and recorded in the gospel of Matthew Chapter 28 verses 19 and 20.  We proudly prioritize Evangelism and Edification in light of the Great Commission.  We model ourselves after the first church highlighted in Acts 2:42-44 where study of the Word of God, prayer, fellowship, evangelism and service are foundational to our program and practices. Our goal, with a firm commitment to Christian Stewardship and the preservation of the way of living taught by Jesus Christ, is to propagate Christ’s truth to each new generation and to each individual in each generation as to put the principles of Christian living into everyday practice.

"Where The Lord is Magnified!"

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